Spenser "Deuce" Wyatt

Creed: Avenger
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 310
Age: 35
Weapons: Battle Axe and Lever Action Rifle

When Spenser was 14 years old, he watched as his mother was murdered on the cold tiled floor of Gertie's Diner. The man who killed her was Cornelius Boothe. On that same night, Spenser drove a butcher knife into Cornelius's heart. Cornelius was a very important man in Ashcroft, and afraid of what would happen, Spenser fled the town and jumped a rail.

20 years later Spenser, now nicknamed Deuce returned to Ashcroft to finally visit his mother's grave. He's stunned when he sees Cornelius climbing out of a car on the streets of Ashcroft--not a day older. Deuce follows Cornelius to the prison on the day Nathaniel Arkady s to be executed. He watches as the vengeful dead of the Ashcroft Penitentiary rise up and slay the living. Cornelius is a Vampire. Together with the other three imbued, Deuce kills Cornelius and shuts down the prison.

Samantha Alexander

Creed: Defender
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 120
Age: 29
Weapons: Katana and Magnum Revolver

As a child, Samantha was often singled out for being different. Unwilling to back down from bullying, she learned to defend herself. When the bullies moved on to easier targets, Samantha defended those kids as well. She was never able to look away when someone needed help.

Her decision to enter the police academy was natural, and came as no surprise to her family. Police officers help people, and that's what Samantha wanted to do. She is one of the officers responsible for bringing Nathaniel Arkady into custody, and as a favor to her mentor, Detective Waters, she attends his execution in Ashcroft. On that day, she is chosen by the Messengers and is witness to the hidden evils of Ashcroft Penitentiary.

Father Esteban Cortez

Creed: Judge
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175
Age: 45
Weapons: Crusader Sword and Crossbow

Father Esteban was the chaplain at Ashcroft Penitentiary. It was his job to counsel and administer last rites to inmates scheduled to die by electrocution. The priest was the last person to speak to Nathaniel Arkady before his execution, and was witness to his suffering. In his journal, Esteban theorized that Arkady was either channeling spirits, or they were actually occupying his body.

On the day of Nathaniel Arkady's execution, Father Esteban was gifted by God with second sight, and able to see demons using the bodies of men like puppets. Enraged, he took up arms against these creatures like a Holy Templar, and with the others Imbued, purged Ashcroft Penitentiary of the evil within.

Kassandra Cheyung

Creed: Martyr
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 105
Age: 19
Weapons: Twin Daggers and Dual Auto-Loading Pistols

Kassandra is the sole heir of the Fairday Manufacturing fortune, and up until two years ago, her biggest concern was where she would spend her father's money. One night at a barn rave changed her whole life. The rave was raided, and the panicking crowd trampled her friend Marnie. Unable to move her, Kassandra covered her friend's body with her own. When she woke up in the hospital with a boot print in her back, Kassandra had a new perspective on life. Empowered by helping her friend, and validated by the wounds she received., Kassandra started volunteering at the hospital in the critical care ward, cheering up the patients with her irreverent attitude and enthusiasm.

Kassandra went to Ashcroft with her friend Marnie to visit the man who abandoned Marnie when she was trampled at the rave. He was doing time for drug dealing. Kassandra attended the execution of Nathaniel Arkady and was witness to the deaths of the innocents inside the prison. She was wounded while helping Deuce take down Cornelius the Vampire and was pivotal in the original shutting down of Ashcroft Penitentiary.